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From mobility to Cloud Computing, IWASSA helps you respond to the new IT paradigm for achieving your Strategic Business Objectives while new forces are shaping the IT and Business Landscapes.

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IWASSA has ability to add value to your business by providing Strategy, Implementation and Integration Services to help Plan, build, Improve, Innovate your IT and Business Solutions

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IWASSA provide Mobility, Cloud, IT Outsourcing, Network, Data Center, End User Computing and Security to ensure the new service delivers the desired return on Investment and Business Outcomes.


We offer world-class web hosting and vMe provides Single Sign-on (SSO), user and Application Management solution. vMe can be configured to achieve ...

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MyCatalog in your easy to use products and assets management solution. equipped by clean user friendly interface that make products management your...

My Stats

MySTATS is a powerful business intelligence solution that provides an easy to use interface to create diffrent types of reports and dashboards. MyS...

My Ems

In most corporate organizations, taking the attendance of available human resources can be tasking. This product provides a platform like an automa...

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Our Services

Web Designing

Website design has to do with designing and creating websites.Designing a website is not all about making the website aesthetically pleasing, but it goes a long way to determining whether or not visitors leave or stay

A web design ought to be user-friendly and it can be achieved via
1- Navigation- Users should be able to move around the site with ease
2- Multimedia-Relevant video/audio stimuli can help to grasp the information in a quick manner
3- Compatibility
4- Technology
5- Interactive-Add comment boxes to increase active user participation

Mobile Development

Building mobile applications can be as easy as opening up your IDE, throwing something together, doing quick testing, and submitting to an App Store.

The Mobile application development denotes the act or process by which application software is developed for mobile devices.

Though sometimes, it can extremely involve processes that involves rigorous up-front design, usability testing, and QA testing on thousands of devices.

Brand Managment

The sole aim of branding is to vividly convey a brand message, create customer loyalty, to persuade the buyer for the product, and also, establish an emotional connectivity with the buyers.

It covers important aspects which includes cost, customer satisfaction, in-store presentation, and competition.

Brands simplify consumers purchase decision and create differentiation.

Web Hosting

Without hosting, your website cannot be viewed by anyone.

The business world needs a unified offering across the availability spectrum, from live data tapped by today’s most demanding applications, to cloud archival solutions.

We are talking about multi-region setups for your applications that actually needs to serve users around the world with the highest availability which includes video streaming and frequently accessed content like in web sites and images.

Management & Financial Solutions

The speed of today’s business world lays emphasis on technology that allows your finance team to pull insight out of the chaos.

Every organization requires a financial management solution that will give you fully integrated, end-to-end capabilities delivered in the cloud. So, to stay ahead of your competition, it is essential you maintain growth and agility through an insight-driven enterprise.

Network Technology

Networks and servers are the backbone of any operations.

A minor performance issue can have a tangible effect, hence cause a major disruption in your day-to-day activities. For this cause, an experienced Networking Technology team needs to be around the corner to provide a high quality support and offer your business or organization a custom solution which are tailored specifically to your business needs.



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